Maximizing Adolescent Academic eXcellence (MAAX) Advisories

TEAM First, Inc. has implemented the Maximizing Adolescent Academic eXcellence (MAAX)—a culturally relevant, scientifically-based affective program that uses a developmental assets approach to support the academic and affective needs of urban adolescents. MAAX improves students’ school performance by: (a) developing requisite skills for optimal school performance, (b) increasing self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy in mastering academic tasks, (c) improving educational engagement, (d) strengthening bonding to school and peers, (e) increasing knowledge and awareness of college as a viable option, (f) and heightening educational aspirations.

The MAAX is designed to strengthen non-cognitive skills development. MAAX’s eight core modules highlight college awareness and preparation:  a) Managing the Middle School Transition, b) Commitment to Learning, c) Exploring College, d) Establishing a Positive Identity, e) Exploring and Clarifying Values, f) Enhancing Social Competencies, g) Strengthening Community Connections, and h) Managing the High School Transition. This program is designed to be implemented during bi-weekly advisory classes.