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TEAM FIRST, Inc. has provided academic and social support services to over 50 New York City public schools with a major focus on schools located in high poverty communities. Services include homework help, academic enrichment, gender-based mentoring, competitive sports, STEM education, health and wellness, leadership development, college and career preparation, various project-based activities, and family events. We empower our students to excel in the classroom and beyond. We currently serve south Bronx and central Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The mission of TEAM FIRST, Inc. is to help academically and/or economically disadvantaged students to complete elementary, middle, and high school on schedule and go on to complete college or some other post-secondary education. Through a broad range of academic and social support services, we provide our students with a solid academic foundation that will enable them to succeed in school and life. Most importantly, our goal is to inspire students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive citizens in society.

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Yvette Morgan PhD

Executive Director

Ty Grant

Chief Executive Officer

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